The history

Argoclima is an Italian historical company, whose birth dates back to 1929.

Beginning with a strong focus on the world of heating – with the production of radiators, stoves and then boilers – the great moment comes in the 60s with the launch of the first window air conditioner, a success that, still today, is considered the technology that has led to the concept of “comfort”.  

The big turning point for Argoclima, however, took place in the late 80s, when the company went under the direction of  Nocivelli family which, with great foresight, set up a series of investments to deal with the imminent boom in the air conditioning market .  

The factory in Gallarate is completely reorganized from a logistical and technological point of view, with the introduction of a series of innovative tools for the production of aluminum and copper exchangers, robotic equipments for automatic welding, new paint systems, fully sound-proof presses for metal parts printings: all conceived as a new line of production that could further increase efficiency, while granting the maximum operational flexibility and, on the other hand, great attention to the quality of work.   

The reorganization of the company is also heavily involved in R&D, with the introduction of totally computerized systems, including four calorimeters for the research activity on new thermodynamic solutions and the development of new products. Thanks to the investments of the previous decades, in 1991 Argoclima is able to launch the first portables and wall split air conditioners, the so-called “fixed air conditioners”, which immediatly gain the market approval in terms of compactness, quality of the materials and noise level.  

With the new millennium, the desire to keep up with the times has led Argoclima to further renewal. “Improve Your Life” becomes a payoff and a guideline of the company, which defines its mission in the study and the production of new products with a single common denominator: better quality of people daily life, with a careful and open attitude to a world that begins to impose itself as “globalized”, even in the everyday life.  The air conditioning, heating and air treatment worlds become into a single one for Argoclima, thus introducing new product categories, similar to the traditional core business of the brand.